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Subscribing at $3.39 a month or $40.68 per year will give you the fastest alerts in Canada.

We text you Environment Canada’s own alerts faster than any other source:


We now include our own custom, localized alerts for rotating thunderstorms, damaging winds, flooding, hail, freezing rain, snow squalls, etc!


Road map:

Version 1.0: Receive Environment Canada official alerts the instant they’re posted and then the instant they’re ended for your saved location.

Version 1.5 (recently upgraded – June 14th, 2016) This version now includes our own custom, granular alerts for significant severe weather!

Version 1.75 (recently upgraded – June 21st, 2016) Now you can text back the word ‘more’ and receive all the details for Environment Canada alerts! We’re the only service in Canada that provides all details via text messages (aka, no internet required).

Version 2.0 (recently upgraded – Sept 17th, 2016): New login to customer portal where you can change your address and/or phone number at any time. You’ll be able to get alerts for two unique locations per phone number and you’ll also be able to add additional subscriptions for yourself or as a gift.

Version 3.0: U.S. alert integration and an upgrade of the alert details and linking ability.

Version 4.0: Connect the alerts to our upcoming app InstantWeather so you can be texted based on your exact GPS location.

Thank you everyone!

If you have any questions, please contact us directly at info@TornadoGPS.com

– TGPS (Adam S.)


Our preferred method of payment is PayPal. However, some folks have asked if they can simply send us an E-Transfer from their bank instead of using PayPal and that works too! Simply send it to: info@TornadoGPS.com

If you’re not a fan of paying online and you’d rather do a cheque, send us an email at info@TornadoGPS.com and we’ll work through those details with you. 🙂

Some folks have asked us why this service isn’t free.

We’d love to be able to make it free but at this point, we’re an independent group of weather expert volunteers that has received no Government or corporate grants and we’ve spent upwards of $100,000 to develop these services.

This ensures no red tape and allows us to remain flexible and reliable.

Also, every text message costs money to send, high-end servers cost a lot to maintain, and constant development + upgrading costs us thousands per month.

Additionally, our service now includes our custom alerts for rotating storms, damaging wind gusts, large hail, fires, flooding, freezing rain, blizzards, etc.

Not to mention, you’ll receive Environment Canada alerts before Environment Canada even posts them to their own websites and before TV, Radio, Social Media and slow notifications from weather apps.

We’re also going to combine the service with our new upcoming app InstantWeather so you can be instantly texted based on your exact GPS location!

If you can’t afford $3.39 a month, we totally understand and our Facebook/Twitter pages will always be free and up to date!

Hope this makes sense.

Thank you kindly!




Text Message Alerts


Please turn ON or OFF the alerts you’d like to receive for your specific CITY/TOWN/VILLAGE (Below is a mock-up of a future filtering system, not a working page, yet).




Environment Canada:
1. Tornado Warning
2. Tsunami Warning (For coastal regions)


Custom Alerts:
1. Extreme reports: Tornado, Damage, Flood, Freezing Rain, Blizzard, Multi car pile-up, etc (Filtered)
2. Very strong rotation (Based on current data)
3. Strong rotation (Based on current data)
4. Extremely Strengthening Storm (Based on current data)


Environment Canada:
1. Severe Thunderstorm Warning
2. Tornado Watch
3. Funnel Cloud Advisory
4. Blizzard Warning
5. Snow Squall Warning
6. Freezing Rain Warning
7. Wind Warning
8. Flash Freeze Warning
9. Hurricane Warning (We put this in Urgent and not Critical because you’ll likely have a Warning in place well in advance of a Hurricane)
10. Tsunami Watch (For coastal regions)


Custom Alerts:
1. Severe weather report (Filtered)
2. Developing rotation (Based on current data)
3. Significantly Strengthening Storm (Based on current data)
4. Strengthening Storm (Based on current data)
5. Tornado potential forecast (Based on latest data)
6. Severe weather forecast (Based on latest data)



Environment Canada:

1. Severe Thunderstorm Watch
2. Rainfall Warning
3. Snowfall Warning
4. Winter Storm Warning
5. Dust Storm Warning (Prairies only)
6. Storm Surge Warning
7. Weather Warning
8. Tropical Storm Warning
9. Hurricane Watch
10. Tropical Storm Watch
11. Tsunami Advisory
12. Winter Storm Watch


Custom Alerts:
1. Strong weather report (Filtered)
2. Thunderstorm update (Based on latest data)
3. Storm forecasts (Based on latest data)



Environment Canada:
1. Heat Warning
2. Freezing Drizzle Advisory
3. Extreme Cold Warning
4. Arctic Outflow Warning
5. Fog Advisory
6. Weather Advisory
7. Frost Advisory


Custom Alerts:
1. Non-severe radar update (Based on latest data)
2. General posts