Are you interested in an instant home-phone (or cell-phone) Phone Call Alert service for critical alerts such as Tornado Warnings, Amber Alerts, etc?

If so, please fill out the “Sign up!” form using your email and we will be in contact when the product is ready.

I trust you’ll agree that in a dangerous situation, every second of advance notification matters.

As we’re able to distribute Government issued alerts, often minutes before they show up on T.V., Radio, Apps, etc., we feel a Phone Call Alert service could be very beneficial.

Additionally, we’ll also include our own critical, location specific alerts like “Very strong rotation moving towards your location” or “A tornado has been reported in your area”.

Of course, we wouldn’t be phoning you for Frost Advisories. Although, if you really wanted them, you can twist our rubber arm. 😉

We will need to investigate a bit further into the cost of adding/maintaining this system but it will likely be priced similarly to our current Text Message Alerts system at $3.39 per month or $40.68 per year.

And we’ll also add it as an option to our new customer portal at http://Alerts.TornadoGPS.com

Even for those who have cellphones, perhaps this service would be helpful for a Tornado Warning in the middle of the night when a Text Message isn’t enough to wake you up.

And the best part is, you’d only receive a phone call for an alert that was issued for your exact location. Not for alerts issued half way across the region that show up on T.V. :O

We’ll be in touch as soon as it’s ready and thank you for making all of this possible!!!

– Adam