Tornado GPS™

Personal distance and time estimations from any Tornado warning or severe weather warning across North America and the first ever mobile 3D Radar! We'll also be adding accurate Tornado and severe weather forecasts from the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma and instant access to any of our 79 community Facebook pages, even if you're not on Facebook! Click below to purchase Tornado GPS + 3D Radar for $10 or Tornado GPS + 2D Radar for $4 on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, Windows and Mac devices and I'll personally email you back with instructions. :) - Adam

Available for iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, MAC and Windows!

Without reading a map or being a Meteorologist, you can now be instantly notified of any Tornado Warning or Severe Weather Warning for your exact GPS location! And with our distance estimation tool, we can now estimate the time between you and potential severe weather. We've also included the first ever 3D Radar for a mobile device which allows you to virtually fly into the eye of a Tornado or Hurricane, in real-time! We are also working on comparing your location to the incredibly accurate Tornado and Severe Weather forecasts from the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma. When this feature is ready, you could receive a notification up to eight days in advance of a potential Tornado Outbreak. And last but not least, we're working on providing instant access to our 79 community Facebook pages. Even if you're not on Facebook, you'll eventually be able to view local storm reports from weather experts in your area. Search for Tornado GPS on the App Store or purchase Pre-release version for Android, Blackberry, Windows and Mac for $10 until we launch them to Google Play, etc. You can also order the 2D version for $4 and we'll send you the official versions when they launch in the fall of 2015. Thank you for helping us continue to raise awareness about Tornadoes and Severe Weather. It means the world to us! :) - Adam Skinner (Founder of Tornado GPS, Inc.)
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What a WONDERFUL job you do keeping us informed! Thank You :)

Shelagh Mushing-Gerritsen (Facebook)